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I've been watching...

anime, which doesn't happen too often, but when it does it's like BAM- just burned through all episodes in one sitting.

It's nice to wait for them all to be released so there's no agonizing waiting period in between cliffhangers. I made the mistake choice of starting a couple of newer ones.

Sword Art Online
Latest release: EP22

Although I don't truly relate to the addictive quality of MMO/MMORPG's, the concept and storyline are pretty intriguing. It's an anime about a game, so it's like hitting two really awesome birds with one stone. The animation and art are so smooth, it's such a treat to watch. The voice actor for the main character, Kirito, has really awesome battle screams too; it's so chilling, you can really feel the intensity of the moments. It makes me actually want to start playing MMORPG's...maybe PSO2 will be a start. The only minute downside of this anime is that I wish the characters were older than mid-teens, but that's a gripe with most Japanese anime. It's definitely worth checking out though.

Say "I Love You"
Latest Release: EP9

A super hot, model-worthy guy takes a massive amount of interest in this antisocial, "meh" looking girl? An original story, indeedy! The title itself sounds really cheesy too, so I consider this anime a guilty pleasure.
However, this anime shouldn't be totally written off either. Even if the synopsis is kind of typical and unrealistic, there are emotions and events that happen to certain characters that strike a familiar chord with viewers; sometimes I self-reflect a bit after certain quotes or episodes. The design of the characters is pretty clean too... easy on the eyes, know what I'm sayin'?

I also bought Eureka Seven for 70% off at NYCC, woot! Haven't seen it yet though but am looking forward to it. Recommendations are always welcome too! I especially like ones that make me bawl like a baby- K-Drama style!
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NYCC: Make it Work!

NYCC was overall pretty crazy. Shows tend to be exhausting in general, but this one left me completely drained. Initially I had planned to walk around and attend some panels after the Exhibitor hall closes, but by the end of each day I just wanted to huddle back in the hotel room and read (ended up finishing the Mind Readers trilogy)!

On one of the days I subbed solo at our booth while my coworkers attended a press event. Little did I know that the booth right behind me was the location for Yoshitaka Amano's autograph signings. I kept seeing overjoyed faces of people who just got their items signed by him, walking in a daze with big happy smiles on their faces. I wish I could have at least left the booth to get a glimpse!

The highlight of NYCC was the day after it was all over, because I got to spend time walking around. Our hotel was in the fashion district...meaning I was only 0.70 miles away from Mood (the fabric store that Project Runway contestants go to)! I used the last day to walk there and shop around.

It's hard to spot the store from outside, but once you're on the 3rd floor of the building, it's like BAM. MOOD.

A very small portion of the 3 floors of fabric they have.

It's Swatch! He was really obsessed with that ball; he tore it almost all apart by the time I left.

When you see the store on TV, it looks overwhelming- how can all of the contestants grab their materials in a measly 30 minutes? The store is well organized, so as long as you have an idea of what type of fabrics and colors you want to use, it's pretty easy to shop within a small time frame.
I ended up getting some fabrics for upcoming cosplays as well as a "Thank you, mood!" shirt, hehe.

Speaking of Project Runway, the season 10 winner is so awesome...I loved Dmytri's collection!

Left: My favorite piece in his show!
Right: These were the coolest pants ever! They moved like crazy when she walked, it was mesmerizing.

Anywho, after experiencing my first Comic Con, I can safely say that I will never, ever, ever-ever-ever-ever, attend one using my own money. The con is way too crowded; it was hard to walk around in jeans and a t-shirt- it's hard to imagine walking around in full costume. New York is great though...hopefully there will be a next time to see more.
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I developed this terrible habit of floating to the cosmetics section of any store that has a cosmetics section. I feel this impulse of needing to buy and try something new, maybe even 2 colors for variety. As a result, my make-up collection is a little overwhelming (especially for someone that doesn't wake up early enough to put on make-up daily).

My basket was overflowing with products and became a mess quite fast. I ended up buying this organizer:


The original price was about $100, but it's ~60-70% discounted. The organizer feels durable, clean, and it holds a lot! As soon as I got home I organized my items, and here's the result:

This includes almost everything... the big palletes are left out, but that's okay.

I definitely have to put a halt on buying anymore items though; after I saw it all organized, I realized how excessive my shopping has been. I love it all though, and wish to play with make-up more often.

On another note, the addition of snail...mucus? Slime? Whatever it is that makes them gooey feeling... Asian cosmetics have been including such an ingredient in skincare products. I was weirded out for about a half of second but since then became curious. I ended up getting this random brand cream with snail slime in it from Ichiban-kan.

It looks and feels more like a gel than a cream, but it works so well. After traveling and having an increase of stress, my skin was flaky, sensitive, and felt a burning sensation when anything was applied to my face. Within a few days after using the snail gel, my face feels repaired and no longer hurts. I'm grateful for snails!
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Quest for Happiness

Ralph Waldo Emerson's quotes and essays really hit the nail on the head for me. Reading tidbits here and there is a way for me to refocus and set my mind back on track. Two that I've been reading over for the past month or so:

A sensible person will soon see the folly and wickedness of thinking to please. Sensible men are very rare. A sensible man does not brag, avoids introducing the names of his creditable companions, omits himself as habitually as another man obtrudes himself in the discourse, and is content with putting his fact or theme simply on its ground. You shall not tell me that your commercial house, your partners or yourself are of importance; you shall not tell me that you have learned to know men; you shall make me feel that; your saying so unsays it. You shall not enumerate your brilliant acquaintances, nor tell me by their titles what books you have read. I am to infer that you keep good company by your better information and manners, and to infer your reading from the wealth and accuracy of your conversation. - Greatness

What I must do is all that concerns me, not what the people think. This rule, equally arduous in actual and in intellectual life, may serve for the whole distinction between greatness and meanness. It is the harder, because you will always find those who think they know what is your duty better than you know it. It is easy in the world to live after the world's opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude. - Self-Reliance

On a more fun note, I'm (a couple years late, but) currently obsessed with Quest Crew from ABDC...mostly because of Victor Kim. He's so inspiring and makes me want to work hard at what I enjoy as well.

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Hipster Trends I Dislike (part 3)

This is probably my number one item of rage, since I've ranted about it on and off for years. Technically this one is a hipster-turned-mainstream item though... it's still disliked, none the less!

4. POMEGRANATE You are winner!

To be fair, pomegranates are wonderfully good for you. They contain 16% of an adult's daily vitamin C requirement per 100 ml serving, and is a good source of vitamin B5, potassium and natural phenols, such as ellagitannins and flavonoids. If you choose to eat the seeds as well, it's also a good source of fiber (thanks Wiki).

In Christianity, pomegranates are a symbol of "resurrection and the hope of eternal life". Having attended churches and schools with emphasis on Catholicism or Christianity, surprising to not being informed about the symbolism of pomegranates, or even what they were. I only found out after the pome-wave.

I suppose it's not the fruit itself I'm truly bitter about; what I dislike most is the boom out of nowhere of pomegranate products, pomegranate flavored products, and pomegranates being thrown in whatever fancy shmancy dish a chef concocted.

IT'S EVERYWHERE. Look at that hipster pomegranate with hipster lettuce (and neither items look fork friendly). And it's all up in our cough drops too! These are only a handful of examples.

As for the fruit itself, it tastes fresh and tart with a tiny hint of sweet; however, I'm not too fond of it. It's hard to eat (bleh eating seeds) and looks creepy! I do admit that the POM white tea is pretty delicious, but it was a total bummer when they stopped using glass cups and replaced them with plastic bottles. Those cups rocked...
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Fanime 2012 Recap

Fanime- it's an event that so many of us prepare year round for. Has anyone else established their Fanime 2013 plans already?

This Fanime definitely felt different than previous years. The con had a rough start with the unfortunate power outage on Day 0- kudos to the registration team for working extra long to distribute badges to eager attendees.
We are no longer welcomed with dancing fountains in the face of the San Jose Convention Center; this year the water turned to land, and much of the gathering space outside got pushed to the far side due to construction. Despite the outward changes happening around the convention, it seemed that all spirits were high and turned out to be another great year.


Lolita Fashion Panel

Several lolita fashion enthusiasts that reside in the bay area held a panel to educate both new and veteran lolitas about the history of the fashion, the categories and subcategories of the key styles, and personal stories about their experiences while wearing the fashion. The panel's atmosphere was very casual and lighthearted, as each panel member answered questions from the styles of different lolita fashion brands to their funniest encounters with "muggles" commenting on their clothes.
After the panel, a fashion show was held featuring several indie brand designers- the show had a great feel as each piece was quite unique from the standard patterns and prints normally used in the fashion.

Indie fashion designer "Bisoux" (janitors) and her collection

Limitless Edge's How to Pose Like a Pro Panel

This panel provided an abundant amount of helpful tips and tricks to be mindful of when posing for a photo. The members of Limitless Edge (Jie, Ker, Lyn, and Lee) introduced great example photos as well as in-person examples of poses specific to general types of characters, including the romantic type, cross-play, the aggressive type, etc. The panel succeeded to be informative as well as fun and energetic. If you missed the panel, catch this awesome video of their full panel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHjJDriCYEc.


Cafe V
Cafe V falls under Fanime's mentality of "by fans, for fans"; it is a non-profit butler cafe that launched in Fanime 2011. Since then they have had several events within California, including J-POP Summit, Pacific Media Expo, and Yaoi-Con. The event was held only a few blocks from Fanime Con at an elegant tea house named Satori. Guests were served a wide selection of teas, sandwiches, and sweets, followed by gut-bursting humor and charming entertainment provided by the butlers themselves. The event also featured a raffle, silent auction, a games with prizes.

Scones, cupcakes, and sandwiches, oh my!

There's always so much so see in a convention, but not nearly enough time. Although Fanime Con has changed on the surface, it is still the home of the largest bay area anime convention as well as my favorite anime convention to date.

Hipster Trends I Dislike (part 2)

3. BROWN RICE - More specifically, brown rice used for sushi and maki

Only in California have I seen brown rice substituted for white rice for Japanese cuisine. Brown rice is healthy and healthier, but it doesn't mean white rice is the devil! Brown rice has such a distinct flavor and has a different texture, so it completely changes the dish. It's also drier than sticky/white rice, and can't stick to to the seaweed nearly as well. If the seaweed is not wrapped on the outside like the image above, it looks messily assembled and falls apart.

It's great that so many restaurants and stores have brown rice and whole wheat alternatives, but those times when only maki made from brown rice is left at Whole Foods...it really bums out my day.

Hipster Trends I Dislike (part 1)

I find myself rambling and ranting in my head when I spot certain things. You're welcome to agree or agree to disagree!


Instagram is an iPhone app that allows you to put filters on the photos you take via iPhone/Android camera. It can create a soft, artsy tone, or some other look (honestly, I'm unsure of the other filters because I only see people use this one).

Artistic photos are great, but an abundant amount of anything makes it mainstream; it's taking the unique, artistic feel out of photos, since it's becoming such a normal addition. The most bothersome combonation is using a blue-ish filter with food images. It makes the food look so unappetizing, eww! It makes the food look super stale and cold.

Instagram is potentially a nice app, but it just shouldn't be used when there's no benefit to the photo. It should be used sparingly.


I actually do like mixed greens- it's just used everywhere! EVERYWHERE! I enjoy the flavors it can bring to a dish, and it does look more appealing. However, this is hands down the most frustrating salad to eat with a fork, especially at a restaurant because you can't just ask for chopsticks instead.

SIKE! That fork's just there for decoration...and maybe to pick up the walnuts.

I'll stick to romaine lettuce at restaurants, thanks!

(This is named "part 1" because I'm sure there will be other annoying hipster-like things, lol).
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AOD 2012 Recap: Unintentionally SEGA Themed

I was anticipating AOD not too much as a con, but just a way to see friends all in one place. However, AOD 2012 ended up being the con where I've attended the most panels.

I decided to go in Lolita both days of AOD. I also had an urge to do something a little more crazy, just for the heck of it.

AOD Saturday: BPN JSK with crazy pink wig
AOD Sunday: Classic outfit for a shoot with Gayle at the Queen Anne Hotel.

Collapse )

I wish I could have seen more at AOD, but that's every story when attending cons, right? Overall, AOD was a pleasant experience that had me grinning from ear to ear, and all the panels attended ended up having to do with SEGA- what a small world!